Slovenian Ecosystem

Nowadays majority of approved drugs are result of biopharmaceutical companies and it is expected to rise from today`s 65 % (United Nations (UN) statistics) to 85 % till 2035. This is an excellent news for the global society dealing with conditions in need for new illness treatments.

Slovenian biopharmaceutical ecosystem consists of many stakeholders - startups from different research and development fields, public and private research and development organizations, SME biopharmaceutical companies and big pharma.

Support system

In the past decade Slovenia succeeded to build an efficient business support system, which consists of support organizations, like technology parks, incubators and other initiatives that work in connecting ventures with funds (SPS, PTP, LUI, TP Lj, MB uni inkubator).

Slovenia ecosystem stakeholders have also a track record of successfully addressing some of major biopharmaceuticals development and production challenges from idea to medicine (

Biopharma Global Connect cluster is becoming a bonding tissue between the stakeholders, moving towards being an efficient enabler for any biopharmaceutical ventures from idea to the medicine, ready for a patient. By connecting all essential players we are able to address all stages: idea, research, development, production, regulatory approval, clinical trials.

Establishing strong national and international partnerships enable more successful global funding opportunities and faster translation of early innovation into patents for new medicines.

Presentation of Biotech companies from Slovene Enterprise Fund

The programme is co-financed by the Slovenian Enterprise Fund and the European Union, namely from the European Fund for Regional Development. It is carried out on the basis of the Substantial Support of Fund Recipients (SME) programme from 2018 to 2023 within the framework of the Operational Programme for the Implementation of European Cohesion Policy from 2014 to 2020.