Especialized Engineering Services Company (ESINES)

Engineering Services
19th Ave between 80 and 82 St, Playa
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Mr. Heriberto J. Jiménez Beriel (General Director)
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Company of the Group of the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industry in charge of providing specialized engineering services. ESINES covers the complete cycle of creation of pharmaceutical plants from the project, assembly, validation, maintenance and technical services.
With more than 30 years of experience, It is leader in various services in the national market, guaranteeing professionalism and quality.
Company`s description
ESINES providea turnkey services that cover:
  • Project Documentation: Project by Stage (Conceptual, Basic and Detailed Engineering) in all specialties; as-built projects and various consultancies; Master Quality Plan; Design Qualification (QD) and Integrated Project Management.
  • Supplies: Engineering material and its accesories; non-technological and technological equipment; consulting, Comissioning and technical assistance and Master Quality Plan, Factory and Site Acceptance Test (FAT, SAT).
  • Assembly: 100% of the component specialties of the clean room and controlled areas; 100% of the specialties of the energy block, Critical Systems and electro- energetic node and Master Quality Plan, Installation Qualification (IQ).
  • Installation pre-qualification: Measurement and adjustment of all the design parameters for the controlled areas; Delivery of the installation ready for validation by a third party and Master Quality Plan, Installation Qualification (IQ).
  • Installation delivery: Operation manual; Installation documentation for certification; hard and digital copy of the project's technical documentation; Master Quality Plan, Operation, Performance and Maintenance Qualification (OQ, PQ, MQ).
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Orbital Welding, Equipment Installation, Cleanroom Projects, Pharma Equipment
Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industry
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ESINES can be part of projects for pharmaceutical plants, installation of equipment, validation of facilities and technical assistance for engineering services in the GMP industry.
The programme is co-financed by the Slovenian Enterprise Fund and the European Union, namely from the European Fund for Regional Development. It is carried out on the basis of the Substantial Support of Fund Recipients (SME) programme from 2018 to 2023 within the framework of the Operational Programme for the Implementation of European Cohesion Policy from 2014 to 2020.